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Case Study September 5, 2022

Enhancing Huggies Diapers’ Brand Recall and Sales through a Transformative Digital Strategy

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In a highly competitive market, Huggies Diapers, a renowned brand under Kimberly-Clark, USA, aimed to bolster engagement with first-time and experienced mothers across Southeast Asia. Metanoia Marketing undertook the challenge to devise an innovative digital strategy that would not only amplify brand recall but also elevate organic sales.


Huggies Diapers is a global leader in the diaper industry, known for its quality and reliability. The brand sought to deepen its connection with mothers, from those embarking on their first pregnancy journey to those with multiple children. The objective was to provide valuable support, relevant content, and foster a community spirit among mothers.


1. Creating fresh and engaging content tailored to various stages of pregnancy
2. Personalizing content to cater to individual preferences and experiences
3. Managing and moderating a vibrant community while consistently generating fresh content
4. Customizing an off-the-shelf CMS, Umbraco, to accommodate diverse requirements
5. Gaining buy-in from stakeholders across multiple countries and aligning their perspectives


Metanoia Marketing proposed the development of a surrogate website catering to women at different pregnancy stages. The website’s primary goal was to evolve into a comprehensive community hub for women’s various pregnancy phases. Users could register and share their pregnancy status, enabling the platform to provide personalized content tailored to their specific week of pregnancy. The website encouraged interaction among members at similar stages, fostering an environment where questions were shared and answered.

A specialized team, including mothers, was brought on board to generate content addressing diverse topics such as weekly pregnancy updates, dietary guidelines, fitness routines, myths debunked, and how-to guides. Huggies products were subtly integrated into the website, creating a seamless user experience with a soft selling approach.

A mobile app was developed to complement the website, sending personalized notifications to expecting mothers based on their pregnancy stage.

Scope of Work:

1. UI/UX Design
2. Development on Umbraco CMS
3. Content Creation
4. SEO
5. Media Campaigns
6. Mobile App Design & Development


The results of the transformative digital strategy were significant:

1. Average time spent on the website exceeded 6 minutes
2. Bounce rate was minimized to 38%
3. The website propelled Huggies to top-of-mind recall, leading to a remarkable 15% increase in organic sales


Metanoia Marketing’s innovative approach resulted in a robust digital ecosystem that offered valuable support to women during their pregnancy journey. The website’s success in boosting engagement, recall, and sales underscored the effectiveness of our transformative strategy.

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