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Case Study August 5, 2022

AIG Insurance: Successful Digital Launch Campaign in Singapore

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AIG, a global leader in insurance, embarked on a strategic journey to launch its presence in Singapore. This marked the inception of an endeavor to introduce insurance products catering to individuals, families, and senior citizens. With a focus on understanding the market dynamics and crafting effective communication strategies, AIG sought Metanoia Marketing’s expertise for a seamless digital launch campaign.


AIG Insurance, renowned for its global stature, was venturing into Singapore with an array of insurance offerings tailored to diverse age groups. This maiden launch required a comprehensive strategy to determine the ideal product range and communication approach to resonate with the local audience.


1. Create an interactive website and campaign targeting individuals aged 21 to 65.
2. Design a user-friendly website that is compelling enough to drive sign-ups.
3. Present clear and relevant product information based on users’ age and needs.


The central goal was to simplify the user journey while maximizing conversions. The website was conceived to guide users through a hassle-free registration process with minimal distractions. Its design prioritized simplicity, easy navigation, and swift access to information. The addition of a search feature facilitated insights into users’ preferred insurance products.

Content A/B testing was a crucial strategy to gauge user preferences. Two variants of the website were presented to users, allowing AIG to refine the design and content based on real-time feedback. Furthermore, the campaign execution encompassed tailored Google and Facebook initiatives, targeting distinct age groups effectively.


The campaign yielded remarkable results:

1. AIG garnered an impressive 30,000 leads within a span of three months.
2. The website’s simplified design and persuasive content facilitated a substantial increase in sign-ups.
3. The A/B testing insights provided valuable data for optimizing the user experience and engagement.


The campaign not only achieved lead generation goals but also established a strong foundation for AIG’s presence in the market.

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